Ticketing Policies

What methods of payment are accepted for ticket purchases?
The WMCA accepts Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard and WMCA Gift certificates if purchased in person. Online purchasing only accepts Visa, MasterCard and WMCA Gift Certificates. (Please note at this time Gift certificates can only be purchased at the Box Office.)

Are there any other charges or fees associated with advertised ticket price?
Ticket prices advertised on our website or at the Box Office is the final price you pay. All fees and taxes are included in the price.

Do I have to purchase a ticket for my baby/toddler?
To ensure maximum enjoyment for all, we recommend that children be of age to sit quietly throughout a performance. Babes-in-arms may be permitted at family or children's programs. Please check the individual show description page.

What is will call?
"Will call" is a theatre term, which means you will call on us to pick up your tickets. Tickets may be picked up at the Box office prior to the day of the show, during regular Box Office hours, or at the Box Office the day of the show. If you choose to pick up just before the show, we suggest you arrive early to avoid waiting in line.

Do I need ID or a receipt to pick up my tickets?
We do not require ID or a receipt when you pick up tickets. It is also acceptable to send someone to pick up your tickets for you. However, we need to know the name the tickets were purchased under in order to hand them to you.

I can't use my tickets. May I have a refund? Tickets purchased at the WMCA are non-refundable. If a show is cancelled because of weather, or promoter cancellation, the WMCA will work with the production company to distribute refunds.

If you are unable to use your tickets, you still have some options available to you:

Gift your tickets: Gift your tickets to family or friends, or call the Box office and let us know you would like to gift them to someone looking to purchase tickets for that show.

Resell the tickets: Patrons are permitted to sell tickets using ebrandon, Facebook etc. If you have the tickets in your possession and sell them, no call to us is necessary. If you sell them and they are still at the Box Office, a call from both seller and purchaser is required to verify the sale and pick up of tickets.

What age constitutes senior/student/child?
WMCA typically classifies seniors as age 60 and over, children as 12 and younger and students as anyone currently enrolled full time in any educational institution.

My seat numbers are (40&42). Are they together?
Yes. All seats from center to the left of the auditorium (when facing the stage) are even numbers and all seats to the right of the auditorium (when facing the stage) are odd numbers.

I have a flex pass for an upcoming show? How do I redeem it? Flex passes can be redeemed in person, on the phone or online. Once redeemed your ticket will be printed at the Box Office for pick up. (Flex passes are not tickets.) Flex passes have a deadline date on them. It needs to be redeemed by the date or is not valid. Flex passes are not accepted at the Box office the day/night of a performance.

I don't have a credit card so cannot purchase tickets online. Can you reserve or hold tickets for a show?
Unfortunately the WMCA does not hold or reserve tickets. Payment must be made at the time seats are chosen.

What are the best seats in the house?
Generally we say where the best seats are located is all about preference! Typically we say Rows A, B and C you will be looking up at the stage. By Row F you are more eye level with the stage.

What are all the H's?
The H's at the front of the stage are where the Pit is positioned and not generally sold unless a promoter requests it. Other "H"s in the concert hall are used for things like sound, artist holds and contest winners.

Does the WMCA have a Facebook page? Yes! Like us and you will have first-hand information on all our upcoming shows and events!
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