Performance Series 2019-20

2019 is the WMCA's 50th anniversary! Come celebrate with us at one or all of these amazing shows in our 2nd annual Performance Series.

Since 1969 we've hosted all kinds of events presented by professional entertainment promoters, community groups and educational organizations.

In 2009 we did some extra behind-the-scenes work and took on a little more financial risk to present our first show. Since then we've learned a lot, and have started presenting our own annual Performance Series.

In presenting we can respond to the interests and passions of different groups of people, bringing events to the WMCA which might not otherwise come to the community of Western Manitoba.

We're excited to show you what we've put together and hope you'll join us.

Click on the above pictures to find out more, and give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.

Tickets available at the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium Box Office, call 204-728-9510, or purchase tickets online.

See you soon!
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